Health Safety & Environment Policy

RAM Power S.r.l., come ogni controllata Ram Group, effettua un monitoraggio continuo per la sicurezza degli ambienti di lavoro, la salute dei dipendenti e l’impatto ambientale.
La politica aziendale di Officine RAM Power S.r.l. assicura la minimizzazione dei rischi lavoro-correlati, in un processo di continuo miglioramento e riduzione dell’incidenza dei tassi di infortunio.

Quality Policy

RAM Power Srl, company incorporated in January 2007, carries out activities for the construction and / or maintenance of industrial plants (eg prefabrication of metal structures, construction and / or assembly of industrial pipelines, pipelines, off-shore and on-shore structures , etc…).
The goods produced and services provided by RAM Power must be:
- comply, where applicable, with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations;
- comply, where possible, with national and / or international technical standards;
- comply with the specifications agreed with its Customers and compatible with the characteristics of the processes
internal company.
RAM Power operates so that the use of all company resources (plants, equipment, personnel, etc ...) is aimed at achieving the following objectives:
- full satisfaction of customer needs and expectations;
- quality and reliability of the goods produced and services provided;
- improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System;
- continuous improvement of the Quality Management System;
- to promote the competence, awareness and participation of staff, maintaining themselves
updated with the technological evolution underway in the sector;
- guarantee the health and satisfaction of the company's personnel and the creation of a climate
of constructive collaboration
RAM Power also recognizes in the Quality Management System, compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, the instrument suitable for achieving the objectives related to increases in its market shares; to this end, it intends to address the quality issues in a global and dynamic manner, aiming precisely at preventing inefficiencies and inadequacies in the Quality Management System.
RAM Power considers human resources as a company asset of primary importance and therefore commits itself to a constant action of valorization, motivation and training of its workers.
Company processes are constantly monitored and evaluated and implemented to guarantee their functionality and effectiveness.
RAM Power srl
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The structural and instrumental resources made available by RAM Power necessary for the performance of the production of goods and / or supply of services are suitable for the use for which they are intended and are checked and subjected to periodic maintenance to ensure its proper functioning over time.
The level of quality of the company processes, of the goods produced and of the services provided is established through measurable objectives, with indicators specifically defined, in order to use the values of these indicators to define the improvement programs.
RAM Power recognizes that the quality of its management is crucial for the implementation of the "Quality Policy" and for the achievement of positive economic results.
RAM Power is also committed to constantly reviewing the "Quality Policy" to maintain its suitability and to disseminate it together with its objectives, with the aim of increasing the degree of culture of Quality.
RAM Power ensures that all personnel, at any level, understand the contents of the "Quality Policy" and undertake to respect them; for this purpose this document is distributed to all employees.